Who we are ?

Global Vision for Consultancy and Training was established in 2004 in Kuwait with an aim to contribute to the development and enhancement of the business environment in the GCC region in general, and in Kuwait, in particular. With the advent and increasing adoption of Internet and related technologies and at that time, tremendous changes started happening in the ways businesses are operated and business transactions occurred. Since then, Internet has come to occupy a central sage as a business enabler. It has impacted upon competitiveness of organizations.

On one hand some well-entrenched business – those who could not harness the power of Internet in its entirely lost their competitiveness and thereby, their market standing and market share.

On the other hand, some new organizations emerged as leaders in their industry – esp. those who foresaw and changed their models to take advantage of Internet, . Such organizations were able to increasingly succeed in the market place as they proactively realized the acute need to develop human assets in the organizations to learn, understand, assimilate, adopt and take full advantage of the phenomenon that Internet was and is; and shall remain so for foreseeable future. It was then and there that the idea of Global Vision Consultancy and Training  (“Global Vision” emerged.)

Global Vision is a organization focused on development of Human Resources, simply due to the fact that it has been very well established that Human Resources are the most important element in the development and operations, but also future strategies of business organizations across almost all the categories based on industry and sectors, sizes, nature and state of development etc. It is precisely for this reason that Global Vision directed all its efforts and capabilities to develop and evolve
this element, and designed, built and implemented all of its products and services and delivery models around this aspect - it
was Global Vision.

It is Global in the senses of knowledge and learning. Global Vision is proactively welcomes and encourages transfer of learning, knowledge and technologies since its inception. The Developed World, along with some of the key emerging markets has been
at the forefront in many aspects of human life, society, businesses and technologies. The field of Management is one aspect
that Developed World has advanced and contributed highly to. In fact, to a large extent it relied on its advancement on evol
ving and innovative Management concepts, tools and models to run and manage organizations with ever increasing efficiency
and effectiveness.


Toward the Future

The future has always been the unknown and the uncertain – but more so than now. Given types of changes that happening
around in the whole world in every field of life, let alone businesses and technologies, there is an urgent need to use all the resources and capabilities to improve and enhance an organization’s efficiency ever-higher levels in order to deal with these changes. Such changes are occurring across a multitude of sectors, industries, technologies, management style, ways we
think and act... etc..).  Global Vision has chosen to narrow down its focus on change management and turn-around situations
to support and help organizations and individuals to implement changes and to manage it.


The other line of business that is linked to the first line of business involving training and development needs is the Executive Coaching, We firmly believe that the success of any change management program shall depend on organizations’ human
resources and their leaders in particular. Most studies and surveys have showed that these change management and turn-
around situations fail to achieve the desired results primarily because of an acute lack of leaders in true sense of the term.
This has spawned the other important line of business for us – the Executive Coaching that involves understanding the
individual leaders and bring to them world-class strategies, tools and expertise to enhance their own strengths and leader
ship traits, while providing them with mechanisms to over come their weaknesses in terms of leadership..



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